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massage bodywork personal trainer fitness coach nutrition feldenkrais meditation

Therapeutic Relaxation

Middleway Method Therapeutic Relaxation is the perfect way to let go of tension and drop into the enjoyment of life.

massage bodywork personal trainer fitness coach nutrition feldenkrais meditation

Clinical Treatments

Clinical Middleway Method is an intelligent approach to chronic pain treatment, injury recovery, and wellness optimization.

massage bodywork personal trainer fitness coach nutrition feldenkrais meditation

Remedial Fitness & Nutrition

Refresh and energize with muscle activation, core stabilization, free range of motion, body-awareness, and personalized nutrition.  

Middleway Method Founder Tobin Rangdrol

After working as a massage and bodywork therapist for 20 years, I developed Middleway Method in order to better meet the needs of people seeking to take responsibility for their own functional wellness and enjoyment of life.

When Massage Therapy isn't enough to facilitate lasting change, and when Physical Therapy and Chiropractic are helpful but there's still pain and dysfunction, Middleway Method offers intelligent, enjoyable solutions. 

Middleway Method is an effective approach to lasting relaxation and healthy function, and includes remedial fitness training and personalized nutrition for comprehensive wellness.

Middleway Method is Somatic Education, in the family of modalities with Feldenkrais Method and Pilates. Working directly with the nervous system and the conscious mind Middleway Method facilitates therapeutic relaxation, muscle activation, and body-awareness.

Middleway Training

Body-Centered Meditation

Reclaim your ability to choose wellness, while staying actively engaged with work, family, and the enjoyments of life.  

Practitioner Apprenticeship

Training to become a Middleway Method Practitioner is always one-on-one. It's old-school apprenticeship training in the world's most modern wellness support system.

Classes and Continuing Ed

Middleway Method integrates seamlessly  with Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Feldenkrais Method and all hands-on healing techniques. Speak the natural language of the nervous system, bring clinical assessment and treatment into your work, and improve body-mechanics to increase professional longevity.

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