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Middleway Method is in the field of health education that uses touch, words and directed movement to deepen awareness of existing patterns of movement in the body as well as to suggest new possibilities of movement. Similar practices include, but are not limited to the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education, the Trager® Approach to movement education, the Alexander Technique®, and Body-Mind Centering®. Middleway Method also uses touch to affect the energy systems of the human body. Similar practices include, but are not limited to Polarity, Qigong, and Reiki.

Middleway Method helps people become aware of habitual responses to stimuli – including such self-generated stimuli as the intention to act. They learn to prevent ineffective and inefficient habitual actions and responses. Practice of Middleway Method leads to increased self-awareness and improved psychophysical functioning. This unique system uses touch, movement, and attention to bring about increased awareness and improved functioning through learning. Middleway Method practitioners help their students to become aware of existing patterns of action, and guide the discovery of additional possibilities for action.

Middleway Method is an educational system. It is not medically oriented. It is not a form of massage nor is it appropriately regulated as massage. Middleway Method training does not include any training in or require any knowledge of massage or bodywork theory or techniques, and it does not qualify Middleway Method practitioners to be Massage Therapists or Bodyworkers—just as massage or bodywork training does not qualify one to be a Middleway Method practitioner.

Many Middleway Method lessons do not involve touch at all. In lessons which do involve touch, the intent of the touch is educational, and the touch is gentle, non-invasive, and non-corrective. Practitioners of Middleway Method actively use this approach in many working settings, such as education; the arts such as music performance, dance and acting; personal growth and wellness; the helping professions; physical fitness, athletics and martial arts; and independent private practice.

Somatic practices of movement education and movement therapy are holistic in that they recognize that the body is intelligent – and by acknowledging the body’s knowledge, they enhance learning, especially when integrated with mental activity. Practices of somatic movement education and therapy encompass postural and movement evaluation, communication and guidance through touch and words, experiential anatomy and imagery, and movement patterning. These practices are applied to everyday and specialized activities for persons in all stages of health and development.

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