Middleway Method

Comprehensive Wellness
with Tobin McKee
Arcata, CA

About Middleway Method

Working as a clinical massage and bodywork therapist, somatic educator, and teacher for 20 years, Middleway Method Founder Tobin Rangdrol began to recognize that there are universal principles common to all forms of healing and education. 

Tobin first began to apply these universal principles in his work as the primary instructor at Arcata School of Massage. His students immediately began to develop greater capacity for innovation and client-specific work. It became clear that it was more effective to teach according to universal principles than according to specific techniques.

Over time, a collaborative group of graduates of the school and other health care and education professionals developed Middleway Method as a platform for the training and support of healing arts professionals, movement educators, artists, and service professionals of all kinds.

Now there is a network of Middleway Method Approved service providers, including massage and bodywork therapists and teachers, yoga instructors, herbalists, meditation teachers, acupuncturists, physical therapists, artists, athletes, and musicians.

Visit middlewaymethod.org to learn about the Middleway Method non-profit organization.

Middleway Method Founder, Tobin Rangdrol
Middleway Method Founder, Tobin Rangdrol

The Middleway Philosophy

The Body Knows Best

Most wellness and transpersonal philosophies tell us what to do. Middleway Method doesn't. Middleway Method is for those of us who aren’t interested in believing in other people’s ideas. It is for people who recognize that methods, philosophies, religions, fads, and trends are usually forms of popular consumerism, dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, designed to retain users in order to extract money from us. Middleway Method is for those of us who appreciate the practical insights that curious people derive from our ordinary lives of trial and error. We love to learn from everything – from our own success and failure, from other’s grace and folly, and especially from mere existence itself. Practiced properly, Middleway Method quickly makes itself obsolete, as we come to appreciate that it is pointing to nothing but our own natural intelligence.

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