About Middleway Method

After working as a massage and bodywork therapist and teacher for 20 years, Middleway Method founder Tobin Rangdrol learned from experience that Massage, Bodywork, Physical Therapy, and Chiropractic are often not enough to resolve chronic pain and stress tension. 

Middleway Method meets the need for comprehensive care and self-care training.

  • Enjoyable to receive
  • Provides lasting results
  • Includes exercise and nutrition
  • Personalized and specific

Middleway Method founder Tobin Rangdrol

Middleway Method founder Tobin Rangdrol

The Facets of Middleway Method

Therapeutic Relaxation

Everyone needs their own special kind of touch in order to relax completely. 

A Middleway Relaxation session may include a wide variety of enjoyable touch and movement, depending on what feels great to you.

Single relaxation sessions and multi-session relaxation packages are available.

Clinical Treatments

Chronic pain and injury recovery need intelligent, comprehensive care, including detailed assessment, therapeutic relaxation, muscle activation, remedial exercise, and personalized nutrition.

Treatment starts with an initial 90-minute assessment, relaxation, and activation. After that, you'll get a complete treatment plan.

Remedial Fitness

For dynamic pain-free movement, relaxation is only half of the solution. We also need strength and vitality. The Middleway approach to fitness is gentle because gentle works.

Remedial fitness training is part of Middleway Method Clinical Treatment, and you can also work with a trainer for stand-alone fitness consultations and athletic optimization.

Personalized Nutrition

Every body processes nutrition differently, so there's no one diet or dietary philosophy that works for everyone. Middleway Method Nutrition teaches us how to learn from our bodies to determine how we process our food. From there, we develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your metabolism.

Nutrition consultation is included in Clinical Treatment and Gentle Fitness training, and stand-alone nutritional consultations are available.

Body-Centered Meditation

Self-relaxation is at the root of all Middleway Method treatment and personal practice. 

Body-centered meditation teaches us how to work with and enhance our natural self-relaxation capacity.

Mindfulness practice connects us with our ability to heal from the inside.

Personal meditation training and group classes are available.

Training & Apprenticeships

Middleway Method Therapeutic Relaxation and Clinical Treatment are easily integrated into all massage, bodywork, energy work and physical therapy treatments. Adding a foundation of Middleway Method increases client retention by improving client-specific quality of touch and solution-oriented therapeutic approaches. 

Becoming a Certified Middleway Method Practitioner training is a one-on-one apprenticeship , simply because that's the best way to learn.

The Middleway Philosophy

The Body Knows Best

Most wellness philosophies tell us what to do. Middleway Method doesn't. Middleway Method is for those of us who aren’t interested in believing in other people’s ideas. It is for people who recognize that methods, philosophies, religions, fads, and trends are usually forms of popular consumerism, dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, designed to retain users in order to extract money from us. Middleway Method is for those of us who appreciate the practical insights that curious people derive from our ordinary lives of trial and error. We love to learn from everything – from our own success and failure, from other’s grace and folly, and especially from mere existence itself. Practiced properly, Middleway Method quickly makes itself obsolete, as we come to appreciate that it is pointing to nothing but our own natural intelligence.

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