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After working as a massage and bodywork therapist for 20 years, I developed Middleway Method in order to better meet the needs of people seeking to take responsibility for their own functional wellness and enjoyment of life.

When Massage Therapy isn't enough to facilitate lasting change, and when Physical Therapy is complete but there's still pain and dysfunction, Middleway Method offers intelligent, enjoyable solutions. 

When healthy function is restored, then it is time to move. Middleway Method provides gentle fitness training and personalized nutrition plans that bring wellness into your daily life.

Middleway Method is Somatic Education. Working directly with the nervous system and the conscious mind Middleway Method facilitates therapeutic relaxation, muscle activation, and body-awareness.

"Tobin is able to pinpoint the problem in the body and then relate it to the whole organism. Seeing the whole picture and how each issue may be connected, and then coming in with a quality of touch that is appropriate for each person. This allows you to further relax more deeply, let go of guarding, and to ultimately create space for profound change in a way that realigns the body back to its natural, balanced state."

– Marti Anderson, CMT

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