Ratna Ling Retreat Center

Sonoma County, CA
May 31 – June 3, 2018

$650 all inclusive

Price includes carefully prepared meals
and three nights comfortable lodging.

• Massage and Bodywork Therapists
• Physical Therapists
• Chiropractors
• Osteopaths

Muscles become hypertonic (tight) for a number of reasons, from mental/emotional stress to traumatic injury, dehydration, and reflexive guarding. Just as there are many causes of muscle tension, so are there many kinds of contact that produce relaxation.

This workshop with master bodywork therapists Shari Sunshine and Tobin Rangdrol develops touch sensitivity to changes in hypertonic tissue in response to a variety of release techniques.


  • The causes of hypertonicity – emotional, reflexive, constitutional
  • The signs of release and pre-release – feel important changes and cascading release
  • Manual, reflexive, somatic, and neuromuscular release techniques
  • One-pointed meditative concentration and calming induction

Ratna Ling offers balanced, mostly organic, vegetarian meals with vegan and wheat-free options. Shari and Tobin have asked Ratna Ling to create a special menu just for our retreat. This includes protein-centered meals with balanced food combinations.

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Somatic therapists Shari Sunshine and Tobin Rangdrol have been teaching meditation, movement, and somatic therapies together for more than 20 years. The harmonious mother-son team facilitates a relaxing, insightful experience.

Shari Sunshine has been a consistent meditation practitioner since 1976 and has studied with outstanding meditation masters from traditions all over the world. She holds a B.A. degree from Naropa University and a Master’s degree from World Medicine Institute in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has studied with Qi Gung masters in China, Hawaii and Thailand, and movement teachers in the U.S. and Israel. Shari welcomes you to experience the joy and discovery of meditation and meditative movement during your time together.

Shari is the Director of the Mandala Wellness Center at Ratna Ling, where guests can receive massage and bodywork.

Tobin Rangdrol is the Director of Middleway Method Health Education and The Free Buddhism Project, and a visiting teacher at Ratna Ling. Working as a bodywork therapist, meditator, Buddhist scholar, and educator for twenty years, Tobin actively develops and refines educational frameworks that are accessible to a broad range of people, while presenting material with depth, substance, and transformative potential.

Immersed in a life of healing since birth, he started learning the art of bodywork as a child from his mother, Shari Sunshine. He graduated of the Lomi Oluea School of Traditional Hawaiian Massage on Maui, Hawaii, and co-founded Syntropy International, an advanced training program for massage therapists. He developed the Middleway Method over 14 years as the principal instructor at the Arcata School of Massage. Tobin studied meditation with various teachers in India and Nepal, and Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman in Boulder, Colorado.

Contact Us

For questions about Middleway Method training, call Tobin Rangdröl, LMT, at 707-633-8046.

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