Free Movement Analysis

Discover Your Unconscious Movement Habits

To break through performance plateaus, we have to do something new, something different. 

All refined skills depend on learned habit patterns, deeply ingrained through repetition and practice. When we train, we train in the good habits and the bad ones. Be it a sport, a musical instrument, or a job-specific skill, our performance plateaus are due in part to inefficient unconscious habituated patterns. 

Movement Optimization begins with a detailed analysis of your unconscious movement habit patterns. During your analysis, Middleway Method Founder Tobin Rangdrol will review your movement history and analyze your movements. 

Then, Tobin will create a personalized movement plan that includes hands-on neuromuscular repatterning and Essential Movements that you'll practice at home.

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Your free Movement Analysis starts with an online movement history form. Tobin will review your form and then contact you within 72-hours to schedule your free 30-minute analysis.