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Resources for Personal Wellness

Remedial Fitness Videos


Simple exercises that you can do at home for activation and stabilization. Best practiced after a Middleway training session.

Home Ergonomic Supports


A curated selection of excellent ergonomic tools for home, work, and automobile. Must-haves for spinal wellness.

Middleway Blog


Articles on self-care, therapeutic relaxation, injury recovery, relaxing meditation, and much more...

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Remedial Fitness Videos

These Supine Toe Touches are a great foundation for core strength.

This is a more detailed description of Supine Toe Touches.

These Slow Mountain Climbers are the perfect compliment to Supine Toe Touches for full core engagement.

Bird Dog is one that people often do incorrectly, so watch carefully.

Wall Facing Squats are the best way to learn how to do squats properly, so start here.

After you've got the hang of Wall Facing Squats, then move on to Body Weight Squats.

Planks are tricky. We recommend having a trainer teach you these in person. Here's a fairly good video for review.

Don't do Push Ups until you've practiced them this way.

Ergonomic Home Essentials

Sit-to-Standing Desk


This well-built sit-to-standing desk fits on your current desk. When in the low position, it lifts your monitor to eye-level. In the high position, the keyboard tray allows you to rest your arms with very little effort.

Reclining Desk


When neither sitting nor standing are comfortable, but you've still got work to do, recline instead. This is an excellent option for long work days and days when back pain has you down for the count.

McCarty's Sacro-Ease


A wedge-shaped seat support for your car brings your hips above your knees. Changing your pelvic tilt takes the pressure off the sacrum and low back. This one is built to last with excellent fabric, foam, and internal structure. 

Core Balance Disc


Portable pelvic tilt adjustment, brings your hips above your knees and provides instability for core balance and strength while sitting. Less cumbersome than using an exercise ball as a chair, while providing similar benefits.

The Body Cushion


For use during debilitating periods of low-back pain when you just can't find a position of comfort, especially with L4-L5 and S1 disc bulge or herniation. When you need to rest, this investment is a life-saver.

Adjustable Desk Stool


While there are fancier versions out there, this sturdy adjustable stool does the trick just fine. Sit on the edge, and bring your pelvis above your knees for optimal spinal balance while sitting at your desk.

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