An experiential playshop for healers, artists, and leaders in the world wellness movement.

with Kali Quinn, Eric Ewing, and Tobin Rangdrol
Providence, RI
March 3-4, 2018
Sliding scale $120-150 

Community wellness depends on the creative leadership of individuals who are able to care for themselves in the midst of the stress and pressures of modern life. When we become graceful, we lead by example.

First, whatever our outer circumstances, we cultivate the ability to move into deep ease and relaxation.

Then we learn how to listen to others as they express their needs both directly and indirectly.

Last, we create meaningful interactions that support others as they discover their capacity to meet their own needs and care for others.

Thus, the cycle of community wellness continues.

This playshop will guide participants in self-listening activities through:

  • Physical relaxation, touch, and movement
  • Sharing stories of the past, present and future
  • Creating and witnessing artistic expression

To register, contact Kali Quinn through her website Contact Page.

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About the Facilitators

Kali Quinn

Within the pre-college leadership, undergraduate and MFA programs at Brown University, I facilitated interactive courses in theater (Clown, Mask, Movement, Devising, Creating for Solo Performance) and Creativity (Art & Activism and Creative Medicine). As Stateside Faculty and University Relations Director for Accademia dell’Arte (a study abroad program in Arezzo, Italy), I conducted Physical Theater workshops and created Movement Design at several universities and theaters throughout the US. Through all of this experience, I gleaned a fuller understanding of the state of academia, the arts, and I began wondering more about who is teaching/valuing “self-care” and “the inner journey.”

In 2015, I took time away from performing and teaching for my own “self-care” and as part of it, I wrote a healing memoir entitled “I Am Compassionate Creativity.”

Compassionate Creativity is a process that cultivates self-care through one’s expression of caring for the world. With performances, curriculum, and mentorship, I aim to encourage people of all ages how to value times of uncertainy as opportunities to celebrate life through play. I focus on integrating love, work, play and intergenerational community, and value everything as a relationship, everything as medicine, everything as a teacher, everyone as an artist/activist.

Tobin Rangdrol

I have been working as a bodywork therapist and teacher for 20 years. Immersed in a life of healing since birth, I started learning the art of bodywork as a child from I mother, Shari Sunshine. I graduated of the Lomi Oluea School of Traditional Hawaiian Massage on Maui, Hawaii, and co-founded Syntropy International, an advanced training program for massage therapists. I developed the Middleway Method over 14 years as the principal instructor at the Arcata School of Massage.

Middleway Method is whole-person wellness education, and a multi-faceted approach to building healthy communities. When we experientially understand how to follow our body’s natural wisdom, and then learn how to support others, we come to recognize that movement toward wellness is a characteristic of nature. In natural systems – in bodies, communities, and ecosystems – all parts work together toward a dynamic balance. Middleway Method is a path that leads toward that balance.

Eric Ewing

I have been a massage therapist, for nine years now, having graduated under the tutelage of Tobin Rangdrol, and a few others amazing folks in Arcata, CA. The education I received opened my eyes to the wonderous connectivity of the human species. How we are all in a healing process, even if we are not aware of it. Compassion grew. Love flourished. Now I have brought these components back to Iowa, from where I hale, in order to help people facilitate a deeper understanding of Self through touch, breath, listening, and speaking their needs.

Contact Us

For questions about Middleway Method training, call Tobin Rangdröl, LMT, at 707-633-8046.

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