Middleway Method Services

Therapeutic Relaxation

Everyone needs their own special kind of touch in order to relax completely. A Middleway Practitioner works with you, not on you, engaging directly with your experience to find the perfect contact. If you love massage, but you prefer something more personalized and more effective, try Middleway Therapeutic Relaxation.

Clinical Treatments

Chronic pain and injury recovery need intelligent, comprehensive care, including detailed assessment, therapeutic relaxation, muscle activation, therapeutic fitness, and personalized nutrition. Middleway Clinical Treatment starts with a FREE Physical Assessment. After that, you'll get a complete treatment plan.

Therapeutic Fitness

For dynamic pain-free movement, relaxation is only half of the solution. We also need strength and vitality. Therapeutic Fitness training is part of Middleway Method Clinical Treatment, and you can also work with a trainer for stand-alone fitness consultations and athletic optimization.

Personalized Nutrition

Every body processes nutrition differently, so there's no one nutritional philosophy that works for everyone. Middleway Method Nutrition teaches us to learn from our bodies and determine how we process our food. We develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your metabolism. Nutrition consultation is included in Clinical Treatment and Gentle Fitness training, and stand-alone nutritional consultations are available.

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