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Middleway Method Practitioner Apprenticeship

An Old-World Tradition

True apprenticeship training is rare these days. It isn't as financially lucrative as teaching groups, so it has almost completely disappeared. But there's nothing better than one-on-one training with a qualified teacher. The difference between classroom teaching and one-on-one mentoring is profound. When a mentor gives their apprentice their undivided attention, the education progresses precisely according the to student's needs and capacities. 

Middleway Method founder Tobin Rangdrol first studied Somatic Education as an apprentice to his mother, Shari Sunshine. Shari was apprentice to Shlomo Effrat, who was himself apprentice to Moshe Feldenkrais. Shari then founded the Ashland Massage Institute and then went on to start Syntropy International. Similarly Tobin founded the Arcata School of Massage and taught in the classroom for 14 years, and has since returned to his roots, teaching Middleway Method in a true apprenticeship format. Middleway Method apprenticeships are supported by a living lineage of pioneers in the field of Somatic Education.

You can read more about the Middleway Method apprenticeship lineage here.

Tobin McKee with his mother and mentor, Shari Sunshine.
Tobin McKee with his mother and mentor, Shari Sunshine.

Starting Your Apprenticeship


Experience the Method

The first step in the apprenticeship process is to learn about Middleway Method by engaging in one-on-one lessons, treatments, and wellness training as a client. Practice self-relaxation, bring your body into balance and ease, develop a fitness practice that works for you, eat in a way that supports your optimal vitality, and begin softening your mind in meditation. With that foundation in place, then it is time to turn your attention toward working with others.

Begin the Preliminary Practices

The Middleway Method Preliminary Practices are a direct and simple way to begin developing self-awareness, empathy, vitality, compassion and sensitivity. The practices include mindfulness training, relaxation training, empathic sensitivity training, movement training, and cognitive training. Preliminary Practices are open and available to everyone, upon request.

Attend an Introduction

An Introduction to Middleway Method Apprenticeship is a weekend workshop with several apprenticeship candidates, a Middleway Method mentor, and an assistant. Introductions are not public classes, and are a pre-requisite to formal apprenticeship.

Request Access to the Preliminary Practices

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