Terms and Conditions


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, that’s fine as long as you give me 24 hours notice. If this is not possible, you can gift your appointment to a friend or family member, otherwise the full fee is due. Please cancel your appointment if you have a contagious disease (cold, flu, rash, etc.). I will do the same.


If you forget your appointment, or just don’t turn up, you still have to pay for your session. If you are taken ill, or have a sudden emergency like going into labour, then you don’t have to pay, but please try to give me as much notice as possible.



If you are late, your session will be shorter to accommodate the clients booked in after you. When life conspires to keep you from your appointment, please let me know as soon as you safely can. Depending on how much of your session remains, I will decide if there’s enough time for a treatment. You will still be responsible for paying the full amount of the treatment you have booked.


I recommend you give yourself time after a session to reflect and digest the new material that has emerged, you may feel emotional too. Take time to write down the next steps you’d like to take and ground the process in whatever way works for you; drawing, journaling, dancing etc. Be gentle with yourself and give your self as much quiet time as you can and remember to keep hydrated too!

Releasing physical tension can also create an emotional release, this is a normal part of the healing process. If you experience strong emotions after your session, try to be kind to yourself and give your feelings space. I am happy to talk through what is going on and regulate your sessions if necessary.


Prices are clearly shown on my website. Low-income discounts are available upon request.


The following measures show GDPR compliance.

I take notes on the content of your sessions so I can hold you safely in your process. These notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet and are encrypted on my computer so they’re double password protected.

I do not share your details with anyone. However, if I am incapacitated for some reason, I have made arrangements for a trusted colleague to gain access to your contact details to make contact with you and let you know.

To satisfy my insurance requirements, I keep your intake form for 7 years after your last appointment.

The details of sessions, medical and personal histories will stay confidential. I have 1-2-1 and peer supervision to support my professional development and to hold you as best I can, no information will be shared which would disclose your identity.

If you have made an appointment or signed up for my newsletter, your name and email will also be stored by MailChimp.  If you paid through my booking system your details are stored by Acuity. To the best of my knowledge, I believe that these companies comply with GDPR and are safe.

Any details kept on my phone are protected by my password.

Your financial data is not collected.

The payment services I use: Square and Stripe are, to the best of my knowledge, safe ways to pay.

I use Google Analytics to monitor activity on this site,  Google tracks your IP address, but I do not have access to this. Google is GDPR compliant.


Middleway Method is neither Massage Therapy nor Physical Therapy. It is Somatic Education. Middleway Method works with your nervous system – your mind and your senses – to educate you and your body. Middleway Method uses touch, movement, and my awareness to show you and your body how to relax, how to activate, and how to move in healthy ways.

The Middleway Method Practitioner does not diagnose illness or disease and does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, nor are massage or spinal manipulations part of Middleway Method.

Middleway Method is not a substitute for medical care and that it is recommended that you work with your primary caregiver for any condition you may have.

You have stated your known physical conditions and medications on your Health History Form, and will keep the Middleway Practitioner updated on any changes.


Any recommendations about nutrition, exercise or the process of physical conditions are educational. It is your responsibility to seek medical guidance and to take responsibility for the way that you manage your health.