Therapeutic Relaxation


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"I first met Tobin when I was experiencing intense sciatic nerve pain. During our first session he relieved 70% of the pain I was having and pointed out many other areas in my body that were 'working overtime' as a response to a recent knee replacement. Since then, he has treated me for physical and deep emotional issues through the various forms he uses for healing. You will feel as fortunate as I feel when you begin your own work with Tobin. Good luck and enjoy the healing."

Book a Therapeutic Relaxation session now for immediate relief from:

  • low back and neck pain
  • muscle pain & nerve pain
  • stress, fatigue, & the aches and pains of life
  • arthritic pain
  • repetitive stress injuries
  • post-surgical pain & injury recovery 

A Therapeutic Relaxation session is pure bliss. If you love massage, but you prefer something more personalized and more effective, try Middleway Therapeutic Relaxation.

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